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Print2PDF v8.0.09.0227 Rus
Внимание! Данные программы и игры, фильмы и аудиофайлы были собраны в свободном распространении в сети Интернет, и предназначены только для ознакомления. Все права на программы и игры, фильмы и аудиофайлы принадлежат их авторам. Владельцы (администрация) сайта не несут никакой ответственности за дальнейшее использование данных программ, игр, фильмов или аудиофайлов.

Если вы являетесь правоохранительным органом, защищающим авторское право, и хотите удалить со страниц нашего сайта то, что по вашему мнение наносит вам ущерб, - напишите нам, и мы удалим эти файлы.

16.04.2009, 20:22

Print2PDF – встраиваемый виртуальный принтер для преобразования любого документа выводимого на печать в межплатформенный популярнейший формат PDF, полностью совместимый со спецификаций Adobe ® 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 и ISO 19005-1 PDF/A-1a, с разрешением до 2400 DPI, возможностью его 40/128 битного RC4 шифрования и объединения разрозненных станиц в единую книгу.

Print2PDF can create an Adobe® PDF from any application that can print. Supports paper sizes up to 200 inches, landscape and portrait orientation, and a resolution of up to 2400 DPI. Support for creating PDF files that are compliant with Adobe® specifications 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 and the ISO 19005-1 PDF/A-1a archive standard gives you the greatest flexibility in working with PDF. Easily convert documents to PDF using a simple interactive web application or through a SOAP web sevice interface. Reduce your administration costs by centralizing PDF creation with Windows®.

Terminal Services or Citrix® MetaFrame® Easily distribute the network shareable Print2PDF print driver to client workstations. Control PDF conversion preferences, setup profiles and allow Microsoft Office integration.Define multiple watched folders and POP3 accounts that can be used to centrally convert documents into Adobe PDF. Sign documents using a digital signature from the Windows Certificate store to verify identity and provide tamper-resistance. Use 40-bit or 128-bit RC4 encryption to secure your sensitive documents. Use this industry accepted standard to protect and control access permissions to your Adobe PDF documents. Create a single PDF from multiple sources (e.g. e-mail, Microsoft Word, AutoCAD) to deliver one document that anyone can open.

Print2PDF Overview:

• ISO 19005-1 PDF/A Support
• 64-bit (x64) Ready
• Windows Vista/2008 Ready
• Batch Convert Documents
• Automatically e-mail PDF
• Access to Metadata
• Image Compression Options
• JPEG 2000 Compression
• Compatible with Citrix
• ISO 15930-1 PDF/X Support
• Custom Profile Support
• Merge Multiple Documents
• Digitally Sign Documents
• Encrypt PDF Documents
• Add a Stamp or Watermark
• Bookmark and Hyperlinks
• PDF Level File Attachments
• Supports Terminal Services

Supports the 19005-1 PDF/A archive standard
The PDF/A archive standard ensures that PDF files created today will be usable for years to come. Creates PDF files that are compliant with the new public specification from the International Standards Organization.

Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 ready
Native 64-bit (x64) print driver support along with Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft Office 2007 compatibility will provide you a safe investment in PDF technology well into the future.

Profile support and built-in profiles
Easily control how you create Adobe® PDF files. The included built-in profiles provides one-click access to create PDF/A-1b, High Quality Output, Smallest File Size, Watermarked and Standard PDF output.

Create fully compatible Adobe® PDF files
Print2PDF creates Adobe® PDF compatible documents that are viewable with the FREE Adobe® Reader®. PDF documents will look exactly as you intended and can be viewed on a broad range of operating systems.

Easy software distribution
Share the print driver from any Windows® computer or prepare a client installation for distribution from a flash drive. Once the print driver has been installed on the client, future connections to the server are not required and all conversion is performed on the client workstation.

Complete client control with profile support
Control how your users will create PDF files in your organization. Configure default settings, output folder & filenames, and decide if Microsoft® Office and Internet Explorer integration is available.

Supports Terminal Services and Citrix®
Reduce your administration costs by centralizing PDF creation on Terminal Services or Citrix® MetaFrame® Presentation Server. Please read the Citrix MetaFrame Installation Guide for more information.

Batch convert multiple documents to PDF
Save time and convert multiple office documents using the included GUI application or command-line utility to automate conversion on the server. Output PDF files keep the original name to further automate the process.

Supports application integration
Easily add PDF output capability to your application. Print2PDF includes a simple configuration utility to automate conversion. Read the Developer Guide to learn how to integrate Print2PDF into your application.

Merge multiple documents into a single PDF
Create a single PDF from multiple sources (web pages, Microsoft® Word) to deliver one document that anyone can open using the FREE Adobe® Reader® software. Append before, after, or in the middle of a PDF file.

Sign PDF documents with a Digital ID
Sign electronic documents using a digital signature to verify your identity and provide tamper-resistance. Integration with the Windows Certificate Store provides one-click access to your digital signatures.

Secure PDF documents with encryption
Strong PDF security with 40-bit or 128-bit RC4 encryption secures your private document's content. Use this industry accepted encryption standard to easily protect any document.

Authorize PDF access with password protection
Print2PDF supports two levels of password protection. A password can be configured to protect the document upon opening and a different password can be defined to control any document changes.

Easily control PDF content through permissions
Use PDF document permissions to allow or deny document printing, changing the document, content copying, and adding or changing comments & form fields to effectively control the document content.

Create PDF files optimized for the web
Provides the ability to optimize PDF files for quick viewing through the web (fast web view). The linearization process will allow viewers to begin reading the document before it has been completley downloaded.

Includes Integrated SMTP Client
Use the built-in SMTP client to send an e-mail with the PDF attachment to a designated SMTP server. No default e-mail client is required.

Enhance documents with a stamp or watermark
Use the Stamp function to brand your documents by inserting an image of a stamp, signature, or company logo. Easily classify documents with a text watermark (e.g. 'Draft', 'Classified', etc.).

Simple PDF conversion from Microsoft® Word
With the included macro, easily convert any document into PDF with hyperlink and bookmark support. Toolbar integration with Microsoft® Word provides quick, one-click conversion.

Add metadata to a PDF document
Control the metadata that is saved to PDF. Easily add a title, subject, author and keywords to quickly find the document you need within your document management system. Also supports XMP metadata.

Choose PDF document print quality
Choose the resolution (96 to 2400 DPI) to optimize print quality and document file size. Use multiple image compression options to preserve the integrity of the images in the PDF document.

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